So, to kick off May…

Is anyone else feeling that time is now speeding up?

Since the Winter hibernation ended around the end of Feb, the pace picked up, March and April came and went in the blink of an eye!

With Spring being my favourite time of year, I’d love for time to slow down now and let me catch my breath and enjoy all the blooms of Spring….

My garden is coming to life again.

The birds are nesting and in full song from the early hours, until late in the day.

My energy picks up in Spring too and I find myself clearing out cupboards that have been ignored for months, potting up plants for my garden, running and working out at the gym and planning for the future of Mindflow Coaching.

The key word for today’s newsletter ??


It’s very easy to have life run away with us?
We want things to happen overnight.
We want to lose 2 stones overnight.
We want our business to hit £10k a month overnight.
It’s not easy to be with the progress being made slowly over time.

But, just like the beautiful new, green shoots arriving in my lifeless garden, it takes time before we see the full colour come through and the garden filled with life.

The plants have been growing, it’s just not easy to see the progress from one hour or day to the next… but they are changing and transforming every day, slowly and consistently.

I’ve been learning the ‘art’ of patience, learning to let go of the frustration and taking a step forward each day, so that in the next 2, 6 or 12 months, I will see the full colour of what I’ve worked towards.

What do you want to achieve that is requiring you to be patient?